Redgum Firewood

Product Description

  • 100% Sustainable Redgum Firewood
  • All firewood sold is fully seasoned and dry, never wet or green
  • Slow burning, high heat output Redgum Firewood delivered Melbourne-wide
  • Firewood is tipped off, we do not offer a stacking service
  • Range of vehicle sizes available
  • Call now for next day delivery
Firewood is split but there will be variance in size and you may need to split some of the bigger pieces to fit your fireplace. Now Available : Smaller pieces of double split Pizza Oven Firewood. We take pride in being members of the Firewood Association of Australia. This means that you can purchase firewood knowing that is is sustainably harvested. Our certified scales on the front end loader mean that you are getting exactly what you pay for (1 tonne is approximately 2.2m3).

Delivery charges apply

$330.00 Per tonne

Product Price